New Features in Thrivecart – May 5th, 2017

New features have just been released for Thrivecart!

Here’s the breakdown directly from the Thrivecart team:

  • New feature: Allow coupons to be passed through affiliate URLs
  • New feature: Easily make an affiliate from an existing customer
  • New feature: Added ‘affiliate coupons’, which automatically credit a sale to a set affiliate
  • New feature: Added ‘favourite affiliate’ function
  • New feature: Added two new ‘sale’ and ‘refund’ affiliate rules
  • Improved: Easily approve or reject affiliates right from the list without having to visit their individual profile
  • Improved: Refunding orders with sales tax is hugely improved, and breaks down what percentage of tax will be refunded

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1 Comment

  • Hi Matt, couple questions for you:
    1) Is it possible to translate all text on pages generated by Thrivecart? I’m in Spain, and would need to translate everything to Spanish.
    2) Does Thrivecart have a page builder, so that you can customize the design and layout of the checkout and OTO pages (like clickfunnels)? For example, I might want to add additional rows and columns at the bottom of the cart to place additional text and images. Or maybe I want to add a video above the form. Is this possible?
    3) Does it handle European VAT well?