NEW UPDATE: Multiple Payment Options On Checkout With ThriveCart

This is a long-awaited update to Thrivecart, but now it’s here! You can now use one checkout page and have multiple payment options for customers to select from. This will immediately boost your customer experience and should lead to higher conversions, as well.

In this video, we’ll show you the different features that came out with this update and you’ll learn exactly how to set it up for yourself.

Here are the different features you’ll now have access to with this multiple payment options update in Thrivecart:

  • Offer four different types of payment options to your customers: one-time fee, subscription, split-pay, and pay your own price
  • Set quantities per specific pricing options you create
  • Create coupons for specific pricing options
  • Customize affiliate commissions based on pricing that a customer purchases with
  • Set rules, create tags, and add people to autoresponders of your choosing depending on which price someone purchases with
  • Dig into deep analytics and statistics for individual pricing options to see how they are performing
  • And much more!

This is a MONSTER update and we’ll see a lot of people using it in creative ways. The video will show you a smidgen of that 🙂

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