How To Make Money With Thrivecart Even Before You Have A Product To Sell

If you’re interested in making money with Thrivecart but don’t really have a product for sale yet, the quick little tip in the video above will walk you through a simple strategy to create a quick product.

Here are the basic steps to accomplish this:

  1. Create a followup sequence in your autoresponder for after people opt-in.
  2. Create a PDF version of the entire followup sequence using a tool called Designrr.
  3. Throw the PDF version of the followup sequence into Dropbox and grab the shareable URL.
  4. Create a new product inside Thrivecart and use the Dropbox download URL as the success page.
  5. Set the success URL to expire to stop people from sharing the download URL.
  6. Create a quick page after people opt-in to sell them on accessing the entire sequence now instead of waiting.

Boom. Product made. Now you can make money with Thrivecart and it took you 20 minutes to setup.

If you’re not familiar with Designrr, we also created an in-depth article on ALL of the different ways you can use it. Learn more about Designrr here.

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