How To Make A Product With ThriveCart

Creating a product with ThriveCart just got a lot quicker and easier! In the video above, you’ll see, from start to finish, how to create your first product and checkout page with ThriveCart.

You’ll see how quick it is to:

  • Name and create your product and checkout URL
  • Select to disable, test mode, or live product mode
  • Select your price and currency
  • Which payment options you’d like to give your customers (one-time, subscription, pay-your-own price, or split pay)
  • Limit quantities, if you wish, and many other payment abilities
  • Calculate taxes, depending on your location
  • Customize your receipts (which is also a great way to add bonuses or upsell offers)
  • Add a bump offer (which is a no-brainer type offer that usually converts around 40-50%)
  • Select which payment processors you’d like to use per product
  • Let affiliates start to promote your products (and lots of other options)
  • Fulfill your products with membership integrations, custom expiry URLs, and more
  • Customize your checkout page design and elements
  • Add in an upsell page with a ton of elements and custom pages
  • Add in any tracking & scripts you want throughout your funnel (Google Analytics, Facebook, Proof, ManyChat/chatbot, etc.)
  • Set up behavior rules based on the actions of your customers (add to autoresponders based on almost any action and other automations)
  • And much more.

This video is quick, but you’ll see how powerful ThriveCart is and how simple it is to get your products online. For more in-depth videos around specific features, checkout the other posts on the blog here.

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