How To Create Split Tests with ThriveCart

Split testing is one of those necessities when it comes to marketing your product. And if you are using ThriveCart for your checkout platform, then you definitely should watch this video and start split testing!

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to set up your first split test. You’ll learn how simple it is to get one running in a minute and how to increase your conversions doing so.

When it comes to testing elements, we always recommend split testing just one or two things at one time. This way, you’ll start to understand which specific things are working best and others that aren’t working so great.

With ThriveCart, you have the ability to test almost anything you want!

Here’s an exhaustive list that you can print out and use whenever you want to split test. Just go down the list and test one at a time… I GUARANTEE your conversions will increase throughout this process…

Specific elements you can split test with ThriveCart:

  • The price (different prices)
  • Pricing options (split pay, recurring, one-time, pay your price)
  • Payment options (PayPal & Stripe vs. just Stripe)
  • Payment button color
  • Countdown timer vs. no countdown
  • Logo vs. no logo on top
  • Test which testimonials work best
  • Testimonials vs. no testimonials
  • Guarantee vs. no guarantee
  • Checkout overall design (2-step vs. 1-step, etc.)
  • Test which bullet points work best on the checkout page
  • Test two bump offers against each other
  • Two box shot images testing against each other
  • Which fields you should collect on checkout
  • Live chat script added vs. no live chat
  • Custom fields on checkout vs. none

There are probably a lot more that you can come up with as you are building out your checkout pages. But the above will keep you busy for a while 🙂

If you don’t have ThriveCart yet, make sure to head over to this page and see the special package we’ve put together. We think it’s a pretty no brainer!

Now, have fun split testing!!