How To Create Recurring Discount Coupons In ThriveCart

Recently we had a member of our ThriveCart Power Users group ask a question:

Luckily, ThriveCart CAN do this and Brett (nor you) have to do it the hard way.

The video above shows you exactly how to set up a coupon code that will apply a discounted percentage to any of your recurring products.

This is great if you are selling:

  • Access to a membership
  • A mastermind
  • A newsletter
  • A SaaS/softare
  • Consulting retainer
  • Services as an agency
  • Nonprofit for donations
  • Or really anything that has continuity / a subscription payment type

With this recurring coupon code, you can entice people with a discount to pay you monthly.

Check it out and give it a shot for yourself.

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