An In-Depth Walkthrough of Thrivecart

Thrivecart review

UPDATED: Check out this up-to-date ThriveCart review and walk-through video.

Here’s a look at the inside of Thrivecart.

Watch as I create an entire product funnel in a matter of minutes and then walk you through a ton of the awesome features built-in to Thrivecart.


  • Does your payment processor have the ability to divide the proceeds from a sale among multiple parties? Example: I have a manufacturer providing the product and I have a sales affiliate who is tagged as the deal owner. Can I have the proceeds automatically redirected by the payment processor to the manufacturer, myself, and the affiliate? I want to avoid the responsibility of being the primary merchant who collects the money and distributes payments. The manufacturer would be responsible for all post sales functions.

    • This feature is in the works. It is about 2 weeks off from being released. I’m not sure that it will still be in beta (one-time price) by the time that feature is ready though.

  • Thanks for the video Matt. Does the countdown timer functionality actually personalize to each user?

    I.e. If I’m using an Evergreen sequence will it actually close the cart after X days if I tell it to?

    • As of right now, there’s 2 options for the countdown…

      You can set it to expire at a specific day and time. It’s static and will appear the same to everyone.

      Or you can set it to expire after a certain amount of time and reset daily.

      I believe a cookied countdown timer that appears different for each person that lands on the page is something that’s in the works for the future.

  • Can you add Polish (PLN) currency please? If yes when do you think this can be done? I want to buy the product but need to have PLN

  • Matt,
    Does it handle digital product fulfillment. Client buys a digital download and the software gives the client a (unique) link to the download?