How To Use Countdown Timers In Thrivecart

Adding scarcity to your offers is a really big deal and if you do it right, you’ll stand to increase sales conversions and make more money.

In this video, we show you how to very easily add scarcity to your offers by adding a countdown timer on your Thrivecart checkout pages. This is a feature that is built into Thrivecart and only takes seconds to set up.

You’ll have the option to select from a couple of options:

  • Choose a specific time when the offer ends for everyone (this is more of the standard approach)
  • Make the countdown timer specific to the user when they land on the page (this is a REALLY effective tactic)

Think about how you can increase your conversions after you add in this simple layer of scarcity. Thrivecart makes it SUPER simple and will increase your sales almost immediately.

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