How To Use ThriveCart and Memberium + LearnDash

In this video, we line out how to integrate and use ThriveCart with Memberium + LearnDash. We show you exactly how to set everything up in just a few minutes so you can get up and running… QUICK!

We’re actually setting up a new Advisory offer of our own and wanted to show you how we integrate Memberium with ThriveCart with this real-world example (a little behind-the-scenes of us building out this project).

If you don’t know what Memberium or LearnDash are, we’re not going to dig into great detail, but here’s the short of it:

  • Memberium: A WordPress plugin that locks down your content on a WordPress site
  • LearnDash: A WordPress plugin that creates a really nice looking Learning Management System (LMS) in WordPress

In the video, Matt will walk you through:

  • The backend look of having Memberium and LearnDash set up in your WordPress site
  • How we use ActiveCampaign and the tags involved
  • How to integrate ActiveCampaign with ThriveCart using the proper tags
  • How to set up a simple checkout page we’ll use for this process
  • How to give people access to your locked down members area after someone purchases in ThriveCart

It’s really simple and we believe that this Memberium + LearnDash + ThriveCart is THE BEST membership and checkout combination that any business selling information in a protected area should be using.

The entire set up only takes 5-10 minutes and you’ll be able to start selling immediately afterwards.

Make sure to grab ThriveCart and all of the really helpful bonuses we’ve put together for you by clicking here. There are a bunch of details on this page for you.