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How To Tweak The CSS With ThriveCart

I originally created this video to explain how to hide the coupon code inside of ThriveCart.

When coupons were first released as a feature, you could send people to a link with the coupon code but the coupon box still showed up on the cart. Some people wanted to hide the coupon box but still give the discount that the coupon provided.

However, Josh just rolled out the ability to actually hide the coupon box but still pass the coupon data. This is awesome and a much wanted feature!

However, it made the video that I create obsolete (or so I thought).

I then realized that this video actually shows you had to make some tweaks to the CSS if you’d like to do that. If you know CSS and want to make some minor design changes, you can follow these instructions with your own CSS code and get the exact design elements that you want…


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