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ThriveCart Custom Languages – How To Customize Any Text In ThriveCart

ThriveCart Custom Languages

ThriveCart Custom Languages

ThriveCart’s new feature just gave you the ability to customize any languages you want. This gives you SO much flexibility!

Have you wanted to use ThriveCart in your country’s language, but the option wasn’t available to you? That’s not a problem anymore.

Have you wanted to customize the default text on your important ThriveCart pages? Now you can.

In the video above, you’ll learn how to customize any text you wish. Anything that your customer sees can now be modified to fit your audience, perfectly.

Here are the main sections that are available for you to customize languages:

Here are the main things to remember and why this update can help everyone:

ThriveCart did also add some new default languages. You’ll see these live within ThriveCart right now:

All in all, you now have the flexibility to customize any text you want within ThriveCart. Don’t let language be a barrier to selling anymore!

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