The ThriveCart Story & Behind-The-Scenes Interview with Josh Bartlett

ThriveCart - Josh Bartlett

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a software like ThriveCart and the inner workings of how everything functions behind the scenes?

We recently interviewed Josh Bartlett, the creator and visionary of ThriveCart. In this audio, he’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at how ThriveCart came to be and the impactful experiences that led up to this point. You’ll also get some cool insights on what’s coming in the future!

This isn’t one of our typical ThriveCart tutorial videos, but rather this is one that give you a look at the WHY behind ThriveCart (which is just as much, or more important).

Take a listen to our interview with Josh Bartlett. This is a good one!

You’ll learn the following from Josh Bartlett and much more:

  • The major changes in the market and hard truths around them
  • How Josh Bartlett became an entrepreneur
  • The roll that eBay played in Josh’s entrepreneurial career
  • The story of the last day that Josh worked for someone and how it impacted him later
  • Should you have a safety net in your business?
  • How to face your fears in business
  • The one thing to remember to ensure consistent business growth
  • The key things to consider when developing software
  • A brief introduction to Audello and Thrivecart
  • The difference between solving problems and making money
  • What you should be focused on and how to focus on that
  • The true definition of success
  • Why you should consider keeping things as small as possible
  • How to find the best team members for your organization
  • How to ensure that your team members are with you for the long haul
  • What to do when clients are unhappy with your product
  • How to balance your customers wants with your own vision for the product
  • A completely different philosophy and approach to email marketing
  • Why Josh only mails his list a few times per YEAR.
  • The mindset hurdles that Josh had to overcome to scale his business
  • The balance between health, happiness, and making an impact on the world
  • Details about ThriveCart and what’s to come

Here are some of the resources Josh Bartlett mentioned in the interview:

Now that you have a behind-the-scenes look at Josh Bartlett and ThriveCart, we urge you to take a look at how it’ll make your business simpler and more profitable. Click here to check out ThriveCart and the amazing bundle of bonuses that we’ve put together for you.