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How To Collect Sales Tax With ThriveCart

Are you worried about collecting taxes with the products you sell online?

Are there laws in your local country that require you to collect taxes from your customers?

Thrivecart makes it super simple for you to collect sales tax from your customers when you want / need. It just takes a few clicks to set this all up.

Typically, checkout and payment platforms will require you to pay a third-party service to do this tax collection for you. Thrivecart leverages the technology of these services and handles it all within the platform at no extra costs.

Follow the video above to see how simple it is to set up sales tax collection for any of your products within Thrivecart.

Also, remember that Thrivecart also has the ability to collect all needed taxes for EU customers. You have the ability to enable a EU VAT ID field on your checkout page, so if someone has has an applicable ID, they can have a zero-rate tax on your products.

And yes, you can collect sales tax on either digital and physical products. Thrivecart’s got you covered!

Make sure to get your own license of Thrivecart right now for the best price and bonuses.

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