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A Walkthrough of The Most Powerful Cart Builder

Thrivecart Walkthrough

A Walkthrough of The Most Powerful Cart Builder - Thrivecart

Thrivecart just rolled out it’s biggest update in a long time a couple of weeks ago. And it’s absolutely epic!

This one new update is going to make creating checkout carts insanely easy!

I just made an in-depth walkthrough of Thrivecart, including diving deeper on this brilliant new feature.

Here are some of the main things I cover (and much more):

If you don’t have Thrivecart quite yet, you shouldn’t wait long. There is a lifetime license offer available (and we’ve added in a ton of helpful bonuses to get your started and ROIing quickly). Grab your lifetime license and bonuses here.

Hey, this is Joe and in this fast video I want to break down exactly why this shopping cart called ThriveCart is the most powerful software that you can have, you can own and use as an online business owner. This is made for everyone to increase your sales conversions, customer happiness, and honestly save a ton of time and just have fun while you’re doing it. So, I’m going to break down all the common features that carts are expected to have here now in 2020, most of them don’t have them unfortunately and then I’m going to show you seven very specific reasons why ThriveCart just blows everything out of the water and why you should jump on ThriveCart right now. I’m going to give you a lot of reasons why. I think you’re going to really like this and you’re going to gain a lot just from watching this even if you don’t end up getting ThriveCart. So, let’s get into it.

All right. So, ThriveCart has… It’s been a software that’s been around for about four years now and it’s still underground for a good reason. It’s been quietly building, slowly brewing, and it accomplishes everything that every single shopping cart that’s online right now should accomplish and a lot more. So, you’re seeing some of this stuff on the screen now. I mean, there’s so many things that just people take for granted with shopping carts, but you could see here there’s a lot of stuff included in ThriveCart that’s not the norm. So, you have the payment processors, of course, you’re taking, you’re accepting payments how you normally would expect to, but there’s so many other automations and ways to really make more money in the back end. You can see there’s tons of integrations.

It integrates with all the popular things that you would expect. There’s a full stats dashboard. So, this thing gives you every metric that you should ever need in your business when you’re selling online, it’s covered with you in ThriveCart. There’s a ton of settings in here. I mean, you could see that everything’s customized exactly how you wish you can integrate, you can fulfill with different services, add team members. There’s a ton to it. A lot of that carts do have, but you could see how simple and clear it really is. So, you can really get down nitty gritty or you can keep it very simple. So, what I’m going to do now is actually walk you through creating a product in ThriveCart in only five minutes, thrive minutes. So, you can see I’m going to walk you through the basics and I’ll call out some main features that we really find helpful and there’s about seven key ones.

So, one of them is this praising option right here. So, you could see there’s tons of ways to set pricing options. Pay one time, pay subscription trials, there’s pay it on your own price. I mean, there’s so many different things you could modify no matter what you want to do with your offers. You can even add different payment options like I’m showing you right here and even at a split payment options. So, if you want to split things into two or more payments, you can do that with ThriveCart with just a few clicks right here and give your customers an option. Collecting tax is easy and then this right here is called a bump offer. So, this is actually how you can increase your cart revenue immediately and it’s like an add on to any product that you have on your checkout page.

It’s just a simple click and you add it to the total. Here you can see I’m just adding in some payment processors. This is the more basic stuff, Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google and then you can even have affiliates promote. So, this is what’s really cool with ThriveCart is all of this stuff is built in, this powerful affiliate center and all these functions. So, you’ll see this a couple of times in the video where I actually show you how you can use affiliates to really ramp up your sales and you could see, you can get affiliates to actually get commissions even on your bump offers and everything after the initial sale as well and you can really customize everything that you could possibly think of when it comes to affiliates with cookies and what the lifetime of the cookies, first cookie, last cookie, different ways that you could pay out affiliates.

I mean, there’s so many different options you can just customize as far as you want. So as you see in here, this is just some basic stuff. So, how you can fulfill your offers that you’re selling. You could see, you could display invoices, send them to a different offer or you can go to a membership site. This right here, the car builder is my absolute favorite. This is brand new to ThriveCart and it’s untouchable compared to any other cart platform out there. No one is doing this right here. So, this is a purely drag and drop cart platform. It doesn’t take any coding or anything and you could actually build a complete sales page right here inside of ThriveCart. So, you don’t need things like click funnels or lead pages. You can still use them for other things, but if you’re just trying to sell a product, save money and keep everything in one place, this is it.

It’s so cool and like I said, there’s no coding involved. You can customize all this stuff I’m showing you. So, there’s sizing, there’s tech size, there’s colors, there’s images. I mean, you can embed videos like I’m doing right here. You can embed images. So, any images you want, there’s pre-laid out formats for you to just select and mess around with and you can really customize again however you wish. So, this is so dang powerful and this is a massive upgrade. It just came out for free for all the lifetime members and that would be you as well. So, you can add testimonials. There’s a ton of different functions to make those look nice and pretty without too much effort. Add some scarcity. So, right here I’m adding a countdown timer and there’s actually different options. So, an Evergreen timer or just set a specific date kind of timer.

You have pure flexibility there and now we have some proof elements here. So, checkout carts or guarantee symbols, a trusted seller, secure cart, things like that. Now what you can do here is customize some fields. So, you can customize however what kind of information you want to get and now we’re onto that bump offer I was telling you about. So, that one you just select this little tool and adds the amount to your cart. I’ll show it to you later. Now the mobile experience is super easy. You can customize your checkout page for mobile devices. Really cool. This one’s a success page. This you just customize. This happens after the purchase. You can even do this as an upsell page if you wish as well or even add some affiliate offers like Matt showed in another video. I’ll link it up somewhere here.

So, you could put tracking and then this right here are the custom behaviors. So, custom behaviors and triggers are basically automate anything you want with your integration. So, you could see a ton of options right here based on someone’s action. You can make something else happen that’s super powerful, that makes you more money, makes your customers happy and just is super seamless. It saves you a ton of time. There’s no questions you can really automate pretty much everything you can think of from the point of sale or even if they abandon the cart, if they leave and don’t actually fulfill their order or buy, you could follow up with folks with an abandoned cart sequence. So, this is how you do it. Here’s our checkout page now. So, it just designed this, it’s fully functioning. You could see everything. That is the bump offer that I’m scrolling with the dotted lines now.

You can see the split pay option and you can see how the bump works. So, that just added $40 and you could see it takes it away and now the split option, it dynamically changes all the pricing right there as you’re seeing it live. Super slick. I mean, this technology that’s built in the back is pretty dang awesome. So, the way you want to make more money with your funnels is to add upsells and down sells. These are smart funnels and these are all built into ThriveCart and you could see I’m building out an upsell right now in real time, $200 upsell. I’m allowing affiliates to promote upsetting percentages. I’m basically creating all of the backend that happens. There’s even more triggers you can add and then boom, your upsells are ready and then all you do is just connect it to your main product and that basically is your sales funnel.

You can make that for every single product that you’re looking at on the page here and you can even create down sells this way, you can even replace a previous offer with an upsell. So, if someone takes your upsell, it basically takes place of the initial sale. It’s really cool when you’re bringing things up more and more. Now coupons. Coupons can be basic, but in this it’s not basic at all. It’s easy to set up, but you could see you could do so much. You can get affiliates involved with your coupons. You can set different dates for starting and ending coupons. The number of uses. You can even use them as triggers to set off different events. You could see that’s what I’m doing right here and now this is actually a coupon in action.

You can see I’m actually using a URL to dynamically place that coupon. You could also do it just by giving a coupon as well. Now the affiliate center, this thing is robust. There’s not a lot of stats here because as the test account, but you could see you could break down into every single affiliate, see their stats. You could see the wide stats, you can customize all their commissions, their payments. I mean, really anything you can think of. It’s all inside of here and you can automate it. You can manual pay, you can delay payments. You could just basically customize anything you want. All your promo pages are built inside of here. You can upload all of your materials, your swipes, banners, videos in custom stuff and again there’s more rules in customization. So, all these rules and triggers set off so many automations that are built in a ThriveCart.

That’s why it’s so powerful. So, now’s the time. I mean, this thing is still a lifetime offer. So, what that means basically is that you can get ThriveCart for a onetime fee, get in the door and what’s really cool with ThriveCart is that you can actually get more updates with your account. So, just for instance all the folks that purchase the lifetime offer prior to that brand new cart coming out, they actually got that for free. So, ThriveCart’s been around for over four years now. It’s been lifetime the entire time, a onetime payment to get in there and people have been rewarded with more and more updates nearly every other day. I mean, they have a stat on their page where there’s just hundreds of updates that people have gotten for free and these are not just a little bug tweaks, but these are literally new upgrades, complete feature upgrades to their entire accounts.

You have the ability to still get in there right now at that one time lifetime price and there are some other options and things like that, but now is the time to take action and even more so now’s the time because we have a complete bonus package that makes this thing just a no brainer. So, your investment in a ThriveCart can completely be ROI’ed very quickly using the bonuses that we have on this page for you. So, it’s either below this video or somewhere in a link probably below or around that you’ll see this list of bonuses and I urge you to check them out because these things are very in depth and what’s really nice is we’ve been using ThriveCart personally. We’re the very first public users of ThriveCart. My partner, Matt and I, and what we’ve done is we’ve, I mean we know it like the back of our hand.

We’ve created a lot of different templates and resources and training and interviews even with the owner of ThriveCart, Josh Bartlett. He’s a buddy of ours and we’re tapped in with their team. So, we hear a lot of the what’s coming or the best strategies or how to use this thing or that and what we do is we basically package that up into training and resources and those are yours as bonus materials. So, these are things that will get you started very quickly, get you ROI, making your investment back and it’s honestly a no brainer. So, you could see all the different things that you have, bonuses are done for you, marketing templates, there’s different ROI techniques that you can use to make your investment back. There’s ways to create content and courses really quickly. We’ve actually interviewed some top experts around that and then we also have a behind the scenes with the owner, Josh, of ThriveCart.

In case you’re curious about what’s happening with ThriveCart, how it’s built some other cool functionality that you can use and strategies, Josh is a man and we have video recordings around all of that. So, I urge you to get ThriveCart if you feel like this is going to help you make more money online with your business and again it’s physical products even, it’s digital products, it’s online, it’s offline. Everyone has an element of taking orders online. This is the tool for you. It’s ThriveCart. So, check it out right below here. It should be all the bonuses. There should also be a link to go get that lifetime offer and make sure that you let us know if you have any questions at all, we’ll definitely help you out. Like I said, we know this like the back of our hand. So, we can’t wait to see you in there and we love to share this with you as soon as you can. All right, thanks for watching. See you later.

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